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sometimes food is surprising Heidi, Shana and my sunburn and then I stole that sangria Jeff informs me I lost my pants

GPOYW “One week ‘til birthday” Edition

Photos from Birthday 2010.

My birthday last year felt like a big deal, much more so than when I turned 21 or 25 or whatever “landmark” birthdays we’re supposed to have in between 16 and 40 (30 is my next official one, I guess?) And yeah, I was out celebrating, well, myself with friends, just like every other year…but this time felt a little more poignant, like instead of just another year we were actually celebrating some kind of start. I remember looking at my friends and thanking them and thinking holy shit, thank you for dealing with everything this past year brought and can we please close the door on it for good and we were all acknowledging that now was exactly the right time to move forward and celebrate and drink far too much and toast, “Ok, you made it. Now it’s going to be a great year.”

And then it was. 


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