A Little Space to Fill

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As the clock ticks down and we get closer and closer to our CATWALK show we managed to take a break and listen and learn from a fashion veteran - Lezli Salz-Bradley owner of the fabulous Summit and Morristown clothing boutique Willow Street.  


She had some amazing advice and insight into the fashion world and the business of owning a retail establishment.

Afterwards it was back to business and Lezli was our very own Tim Gunn or Joanna Coles (all stars) reviewing the designers work and handing out some great tips.


Incredible work!

The CHS fashion show was always one of the highlights of the year (if you’re a teen girl in northern NJ). This year the show is Project Runway themed with the students creating their garments, and they have a cute Tumblr to go along with it- I love it!