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Why You’re Wrong About the Oscars: Best Actress

Welcome to “Why You’re Wrong About the Oscars,” a series of rhetorical exercises illustrating the finer points of internet-style debate — live! Each episode of WYWAO features a pair of movie enthusiasts with opposing views about who will win a particular Academy Award. The catch: Each cannot explain why he or she is right. Instead, he or she can only enumerate the many reasons why the other person is wrong. So very, very wrong.

Today’s Best Actress episode is an all-Tumblr edition featuring our fashion mandarin Valentine Uhovski (championing Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook) versus our communications director, Katherine Barna (contrariwise saying Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty shall get the nod). Could either of them be more wrong? Let’s find out!

Shot on location at the Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Val and I make our Storyboard debut. LOOK HOW SERIOUS WE ARE.

Thank you to my parents, my mom and dad who are in the audience tonight. And I know there’s been a lot of thanking of mums, but this is slightly different, because my mum in 2007 was invited by some Australian friends in London to a fringe theatre play reading of an unproduced, unrehearsed play called The King’s Speech. Now she’s never been invited to a play reading in her entire life before. She almost didn’t go, because it didn’t sound exactly promising, but thank God she did, because she came home, rang me up and said ‘Tom, I think I found your next film.’ So with this tonight, I honor you, and the moral of the story is ‘Listen to your mother.’

Best Director Oscar winner TOM HOOPER, recounting the amazing story of how The King’s Speech came to the big screen.

Fucking awesome.  LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER.

(via inothernews)