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And of course, there is the blogging platform Tumblr, whose launch in 2007 may have marked the true end of E. “There are a variety of reasons why Tumblr contains no E, from branding considerations to environmental factors (fewer letters mean lower power consumption by our servers),” said the company’s editorial director, Christopher Price. “At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to one simple, absolute truth: Tumbler.com looks fucking stupid.”

It’s an honor to be quoted by Joshua David Stein in his excellent Obituary for the Letter E on Wired.com today. (I was still Tumblr’s editorial director when we spoke.)

Goodbye, E. I’ll miss you. Kinda. Whatvr.

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The truth, finally.

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Tumblr was nearly as busy as Twitter during MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday when it came to the sheer number of content contributors, per Union Metrics, a company that offers analytics for both platforms.
The San Francisco tech firm says 1.1 million Tumblr users posted content with VMA-related keywords yesterday, while 1.3 million folks on Twitter did the same. Those figures may surprise marketers who view Twitter as the undisputed, dominant, social-media companion for TV watchers.

Tumblr Went Toe to Toe With Twitter During VMAs | Adweek (via rickwebb)

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So where should the industry get all those brand dollars? There may well be an answer in another social platform. I saw something surprising, striking even, during another Advertising Week panel (it can happen!) deep in the bowels of Times Squares’ Dave and Busters. Digital ads that people seemed to love. Indeed, Tumblr, which has been in the ad business for about six months with just two products, may have done the impossible.

Column: A Tumblr Ad Network? Why Not? | Adweek (via rickwebb)

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