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For every hit, there has to be a sequel. The Great Tumblr Book Search is back and the search for the next big humor book is on!

Click here to find out how you could be our next published author! And don’t miss last year’s winner, Sh*t Rough Drafts, coming to a bookstore near you on April 15th.

Today is the last day to enter! Is it quick and easy and could change your life…just sayin’.

And you get a book deal! And you get a book deal!



Creativity and Tech: 
"We have no idea what’s going to come out of our communities," said Tumblr’s David Karp (david) at the 2014 Digital-Life-Design (DLD) Conference on Jan. 20, 2014. “It’s an unbelievably fulfilling thing to wake up every day and be surprised, thousands and thousands of times over, by what people do with our apps. It is an awesome thing to behold, and it’s, I think, making life on Earth a little bit better.” (Quote at 12:56 marker within a 26-minute video).

Love that we’re seeing the emergence of “Whole new types of art that haven’t existed before” (Karp, ~11:48) and that technology is building the canvas to put it on. How amazing to be a part of it. 

here here!


Hi everyone! Please make sure that you check out my Kickstarter campaign. We need you guys! If this actually comes out, we’ll turn into confetti. You and I will eshplode! ^-^

confetti explosion?! How do you say no to that?